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Last Man Standing


Pick a winning team, win a bundle of cash and help raise funds for your local team!


Welcome to Crosspool Juniors Football Club’s fundraising competition, where you can win lots of cash for very little effort!

You don’t need to know much about football so everyone and anyone can participate.


  1. Pick a team that you think will win at the Weekend
  2. Enter your team online and pay £5 (This is one off payment and half of your entry fee goes into the winning pot, the other half goes to the club providing much needed funding).
  3. If your team wins then you are through to the next round; if your team draws or loses then you are out.
  4. Pick a different team each week until we have a winner and our LAST MAN STANDING!

The Rules:

  1. Choose one team per week from a league (Premier League down to League 2) or FA Cup game by 6:30pm on the Friday. Entries after 6:30pm will not be accepted and we will accept the latest entry where there is more than one on the same date (in case of entry error). A game weekend is a fixture played on a Friday to a Monday. All entries must be entered via the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. You must choose a different team each week, you cannot choose the same team twice in the same round.
  3. We cannot accept new entrants once a round has already started. For example, a new person obviously cannot enter when there is just 2 people left standing.
  4. If the team you choose draw or lose, you are out of the LMS round (better luck in the next round!). Should your game be postponed, we must take the result of the pools panel. We take the result of FA Cup games in the 90 minutes, not extra time or penalties.
  5. If the team you choose wins, you live to fight another day and get to choose another team the following week – remember the 6:30pm cut off. This continues until we have a ‘Last Man Standing’.
  6. The Last Man Standing wins half the pot of money, with the other half donated to Crosspool Juniors Football Club. The winning money will be transferred electronically into the winners account.
  7. The next round starts the following week with entry open to all.
  8. When there is a tie (everyone loses or draws on the last week) then no one wins the pot and it is rolled-over to the next round. Everyone can re-enter and new players are also welcome (New player must enter with £10). 

Entry Fee:

Entry fee for each new Last Man Standing is just £5 and must be paid by 6:30pm, the Friday before the competition starts. The Last Man Standing wins half the pot of money, with the other half donated to Crosspool Juniors Football Club. 

Payments can be accepted electronically and must be made to the following account:

Account name: Crosspool Juniors FC Sort Code: 544134 Account Number: 50004077

All payments must have a reference as follows: LMS – name (for example: LMS – Chris Taylor)

For any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the title ‘Last Man Standing’

Please note these competitions are usually one entry per email address and require an 18+ year old to agree to the terms and conditions of the website use.

Please gamble responsibly http://www.gambleaware.co.uk/

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