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News and Match Reports

Sunday 10 April 2016 - Lost 3-7

v Ecclesfield (a) 2-3 Will P, Finn

v Ecclesfield (a) 1-4 Ed

Men of the match: Will S & Josh D

Todays game was quite a difficult one to analyse; we certainly were not helped by the lack of numbers but it at least gave the boys plenty of game time over two very good end-to-end matches - where goalkeepers were on top on quite a sticky pitch!

Ecclesfield pinned us in our half for long periods and were unlucky not to be further ahead after missing quite a lot of chances. However a lot of credit needs to go to Joshua D and Kian for two very good goalkeeping performances. We just didn't quite click today and either their goalie kept us out or the ball just didn't quite roll for us (or hit a bobble).

We were well in the game throughout though and later in the second game bombarded their goal with shots but found their goalkeeper in fine form. Many of the boys had half chances but it didn't just work for us today and on another might have sneaked a few more goals, but Ecclesfield deserved their victory as overall they ran harder than us and took their chances more clinically. 


Sunday 3 April 2016 - Lost 4-13

v Sheffield Rangers (a) 3-6 Will P 2, Abe

v Sheffield Rangers (a) 1-7 Ed

"Rose to the challenge award": Conall

I was delighted by many aspects of todays game. Sheffield Rangers are as good a footballing side as we'll come up against - They play the ball out from the back well and all their players are very comfortable on the ball.

We tried to take advantage of their passing game by pressing high up the pitch and that in particular worked well in the first game. I thought Will P, Abe, Joshua SS and Conall ran their socks off high up the pitch and kept creating opportunities by winning the ball off the opposition, broke well and kept their shape really well. While Jake saved well again time after time, I thought it was Rejan who stood out at the back with some well timed tackles. Kian, who captained the side, helped Rejan a lot with some great positioning and hard work off the ball. Unfortunately we couldn't quite keep up the tempo in the last 15 minutes but it was a very promising and entertaining performance.

Despite conceding early in the second game we created a lot of chances early on from fantastic pressing led by Finn up top. Unfortunately their keeper was on fine form and we couldn't quite get the ball in the net. Ed scored a wonderful goal to get us back in the game, while Jack, Kristian and Will S also created good chances but it seemed like for every attack we couldn't score with they went up the other end and did. When our midfield pressed we looked in the game but there became some tired legs against a strong team and I felt we lost that spark in the second half. It was great to have the return of Ben who showed great commitment throughout the game with non-stop running. Paulo again blocked and tackled well, backed up neatly by Joshua D who kept driving us forward - but it was just one of those second halves where our heads went down a bit after conceding a few and we never really got going.

All in all though lots of positives and some really good learning experiences, particularly in terms of working hard, together, as a team.


Sunday 27 March 2016 - Won 14-9

v Wickersley (A14-9 Abe 2, Will P 3, Kristian, Ed 3, Luke 4, Kian

Man of the match: Ed & Will P

"Rose to the challenge award": Kian

No report.


Sunday 20 March 2016 - Won 8-4

v Millmoor (H8-4 Fin 3, Conall, Will P 3, Josh D 

Man of the match: Luke

"Rose to the challenge award": Conall

Really well done to all the boys today - we saw a really good mix of some excellent football and some really determined running and defending. I thought our goalkeepers saved really well and kept us in the game at times because we spent some lengthy periods without the ball. But that part pleased me a lot because they stuck together well and kept going, and working hard for the team - this is so important in games so please give them all a big pat on the back. When we did have the ball we looked really dangerous and there were some great moves throughout the game.


Sunday 13 March 2016 - Lost 6-13

Game 1 v Greenhill (a) 3-5 Finn, Will P 2

Game 2 v Greenhill (a3-8 Kristian, Luke 2)

Man of the match: Bob

"Rose to the challenge award": Joshua SS

A real shame we lost our great momentum of the whole day in the last half hour or so, because up to then there were loads of positives to shout about. For just under 3 of the halves we more than matched Greenhill and really took the game to them. We played some excellent attacking football and thoroughly deserved getting into a lead by the time the second half of the second game was approaching. It's certainly the closest we have come against Greenhill so that is something for the boys to be really proud of. Unfortunately, not for the first time we lost our way dramatically and quickly ran out of energy. This really effected our decision making, desire to get on the ball and the lack of purpose in our running made it impossible to get a hold in the game which we were beginning to look like we could dominate with only 30 minutes left.


Sunday 6 March 2016 - Won 9-6

Game 1 v Ecclesfield (h) 2-1 Finn, Kristian

Game 2 v Ecclesfield (h7-5 Will P 3, Ed 2, Luke 2 (1 pen)

Man of the match: Ed

"Rose to the challenge award": Will S & Joshua SS for putting the team before themselves by volunteering to share goalkeeping duties

Two really entertaining games that were end to end and brought the best out of all the goalkeepers. I felt we were always on top of both games but never got away from them, which is credit to the opposition for keeping going. The boys worked really hard, and tracked back in numbers as well as showing great desire to get forward.

Jake, Will S and Joshua SS all made some great saves through the match, while I also felt Joshua SS had one of his best games outfield too. His concentration and tackling were spot on. Another huge plus was another solid performance from Rejan, who was helped out well by Bob who seemed to be everywhere on the pitch. He was a constant thorn in the side of the opposition and along with Jake and Finn came very close to that man of the match award. Finn's link up play with Jack, Conall and Kristian was excellent, allowing us to counter attack dangerously.

The second game was very end to end and played at a fast pace. Will P demonstrated excellent dribbling skills, while the link up play and support coming from Luke and Ed was really good throughout. As I said earlier Josh SS and Will S kept goal very well and for most of the first half were quiet thanks to Kian and Joshua Dunford, who worked really well together in their deeper roles. The game opened up a bit in the second half but I was very happy with the boys response. They kept going and always seemed to have just a little bit more directness and purpose in their play than the oppositions. I thought Ed deserved his man of the match award, as he gave his all going forward and backwards, and supported the forward players really well and got in some great positions by following up shots.


Saturday 27 February 2016 - Lost 3-8

Game 1 v Sheff Rangers (a) 1-3 Finn

Game 2 v Sheff Rangers (a) 1-9 Will P 2

Man of the match: Kian & Jack

Rose to the challenge: Kristian, for his communication skills and taking responsibility

The first game was an absolute cracker with both teams hitting the woodwork on a number of occasions. Although Rangers played some nice football I thought we were unlucky to go into the second game with a deficit. Our team was very resilient and organised, with Jack and Kian pairing up in defence as we thought Rangers would be an attacking threat. Those two and Kristian managed the game very well, playing to our strengths on the break with Finn playing the lone striker role very well. Ed and Conall dug in really well in midfield despite being outnumbered at times and Jake made some fantastic saves. I thought the boys did really well and was very impressed with how they communicated and organised themselves.

The second game was always going to be very tough due to the lack of numbers and being forced into swapping between players who had already done a cross country run and played a whole game! But the determination showed was great and we finished the game really well, because they never gave up. Because of the constant changes we never really were able to have long spells of pressure and the structure of the first game wasn't quite there. However, they put in a good shift with Josh SS tackling well in defence, and Bob his usual self getting everywhere. Abe broke well from midfield and was unlucky not to get into more scoring chances and Will P lead from the front well with some good driving runs and a couple of neat finishes. We were stretched a little by a clever team who moved the ball around very well and we dug in well and pressed well, creating opportunities; but maybe at times we tried to cover too much ground and that maybe lost our shape a little. Jake had a rare chance outfield and looked the part, attacking well.

We did miss the players missing the game and I am sure with them playing we would have had two much closer games. The big positive over the last two weeks was the strong finish in the second half of the second game.


Sunday 21 February 2016 - Lost 9-14

Game 1 v Sheff Wed Young Owls (h) 8-5 Luke 3, Will P 2, Abe 3

Game 2 v Sheff Wed Young Owls (h) 1-9 Kristian

Man of the match: Ed

Rose to the challenge: Kian, for mopping up everything in the middle of the park allowing our attackers to get forward

3 really great halves of football from everyone involved today, it was just such a shame that we couldn't quite keep it going in the second half of the last game.​ We were really depleted today by unavailability and injury, with Ed playing through injury, Conall through illness and no subs - there were also plenty more of them playing with a knock or not feeling 100%.

On another day with a few more legs in them I am certain we would have been able to come away even happier but credit to all of them for keeping going and for some of the quality of football on show.

The huge positives of the last two weeks is that we have matched two of the best sides in our age groups for over half of the game and the boys need to remember how much they have improved in these games compared to the last time we played them both.


Sunday 14 February 2016 - Lost 4-13

Game 1 v Handsworth (a) 4-3 Will P

Game 2 v Handsworth (a) 0-10

Man of the match: Josh D

A couple tough games as expected against a side who hadn't lost a game coming into today's game. We must take the positives from the good start we had, and we finished a little better too. We certainly kept the score down more than the last time we played them too, plus we were missing a few players and had no subs meaning a lot of work was needed.

We were pretty sharp in the first game and played out a really entertaining game full of good, creative moves. I think they enjoyed it and all really took responsibility of their tasks.

Unfortunately we conceded a quick few goals in the second game and never really got into our stride. The second half of that game was an improvement and the spirit remained good and they kept trying to get forwards. Afterwards we talked about how important it is to keep running, especially without the ball; otherwise like today, we will always find ourselves outnumbered at the wrong end of the pitch.


Sunday 7 February 2016 - Won 12-3

Game 1 v Ecclesall Rangers (h): 9-1 Luke 4, Will S 3, Josh D, Kristian

Game 2 v Ecclesall Rangers (h): 3-2 Finn 3

Man of the match: Rejan

I can't praise every single boy enough for their effort today, and some clever play. I don't have the time to single out every player but there are particular moments in the game I would like to highlight.

Due to the numbers we played 6v6, meaning a little more space on the pitch. To stop the threat of being caught on the counter attack we played with Josh D and Bob as almost American Football quarterbacks, which they managed perfectly - making great decisions when to pass, when to run forward and when to dribble.  

Jake again showed his ever increasing awareness and bravery when he came off his line on numerous occasions to thwart an attack. Ben and man of the match Rejan didn't put a foot wrong all game, defending brilliantly and using the ball well.

Conall must have run a marathons worth of football pitch, getting up and down all day, and looking really tricky when dribbling at their defence. All the midfielders really had to dig deep today and did themselves proud.

Luke and Finn broke well on the counter attack, despite the pitch not making it any easier for them and did what Ecclesall couldn't quite manage at the other end.

Will Sharkey deserved his hat trick with some great running and clever positional play, but overall it was the team performance that was most pleasing - we kept running, we pressed well and we attacked in numbers and at pace - 3 key things we have talked a lot about lately.


Sunday 31 January 2016 - Won 11-1

Game 1 v AFC Pogmoor (h): 3-0 Jack, Own Goal, Will P

Game 2 v AFC Pogmoor (h): 8-1 Luke 3, Abe 4, Finn

Man of the match: Will P & Abe

A really good team performance today, with everyone working so hard, showing a good spirit and determination from the start. Despite controlling the game, the goalkeepers showed great composure when called upon, particularly Jake who showed bravery coming off his line and good decision making skills at crosses. Joshua SS also saved his second penalty of the season! The boys showed great versatility and a willingness to help each other as we ended up playing 5 or 6 different defenders through out the game - all whom coped very well.

In attack we looked very dangerous throughout, with Ed and Will P, and Finn and Luke combining so well, while the midfielders behind them getting forward well - particularly Abe, who not only got 4, but got up and down brilliantly from a more central role through out the game.

The goalscorers may have grabbed the headlines but the work of the people behind them was very much noticed, with the likes of Kian and Jack showing their huge importance to the team with some very unselfish team play.

We all knew the opposition were not at their best but still a lot of promising positives from the team, particularly in terms of teamwork, spirit and attitude that we will try to build on on Wednesday evening.

Sunday 22 November 2015 - Lost 5-9

Game 1 v Millmoor (h) 4-4 Will P 2, Conall, Luke

Game 2 v Millmoor (h) 1-5 Ed

Man of the match: Josh D & Jack

Another close game until we just petered out in the last ten minutes. Millmoor started the stronger but found Jake in fine form between the sticks, making 3 or 4 great saves. Max played an important role closing down the opposition well and after Jakes saves we controlled the game with Will P and Luke linking up well again getting in behind the Millmoor defence. Man of the match Josh D and Kian swept up everything in site and really controlled the play in that area while Conall finished well to make it 3-0 at half time. Millmoor came back into it to draw the game but the performance probably merited more. The second game was tougher, and the wind was getting colder and looked to freeze our players more than the opposition. Huge thanks to Jack and Joshua SS for helping out in goal. Jack in fact got man of the match for his game after a string of fine saves. The team tried but could never really manage a long period of position and were often on the back foot, meaning it was difficult for the midfield and Finn up front to break forward. They kept going and nearly got to 2-2 when a brilliant cross was met by Kristian who just pulled it wide. On another day we might have gone on to hold on but Millmoor finished the stronger team and deserved their win.


Sunday 8 November 2015 - Won 9-7

Game 1 v Ecclesfield RR Lions (h) 4-2 Will P, Luke 3

Game 2 v Ecclesfield RR Lions (h) 5-5 Finn 3 (1 pen), Jack, Ed

Man of the match: Luke & Jake

Both games were close and enjoyable with both teams playing some nice football, despite the difficult weather conditions. We welcomed back Josh Dunford who returned after a few weeks out with a nasty knee injury. We started well with Luke getting forward well and looking dangerous when running with the ball forward. He was backed up well by Will Pucci from a deeper midfield position. Jake played a blinder in the second game making some great saves, while Finn and Ed played well together creating lots of goals and opportunities. Jack put in a lot of effort and deserved his goal. Overall we lacked a bit of zip and energy but the attacking was good but need to learn how to defend better as a team. 


Sunday 1 November 2015 - Won 10-9

Game 1 v Eckington (a) 5-5 Finn 2, Ed 3

Game 2 v Eckington (a) 5-4 Will P 2, Luke, Bob, Will S

Man of the match: Rejan & Will P

Two greats games played in great spirit. We played really well in the first game, keeping our shape well and attacking quickly with numbers. Joshua SS made many really good saves, while Rejan showed how much he has come on recently with a really solid performance in defence. Kristian showed great responsibility and positional sense, particularly in the first half, which let Ed and Finn attack smartly through the middle. On the wings, Abe, Jack and in the second half Joshua SS got up and down really well and looked a threat throughout the game. Ed and Finn were difficult for the opposition to handle and probably even deserved more than the 5 goals they got between them.

Like Rejan, Ben commanded the well in the second game – he was probably the loudest player on the pitch and tried to get the team going when they were behind. Bob gave it everything as usual and was up and down the left brilliantly, while Kian mopped up all the loose balls in the middle of the pitch. Luke was strong up front and helped back when he could. Both Will’s, Pucci and Sharkey were effectively the match winning – with Will P driving the team forward late on with some damaging runs, while Will S scored the winner with less than two minutes to go after being in the right place at the right time.


Sunday 25 October 2015 - Lost 3-17

Game 1 v Sheffield Wednesday Young Owls (a) 1-12 Will P

Game 2 v Sheffield Wednesday Young Owls (a) 2-5

Man of the match: Kian & Abe

Game 1 was very tough; the boys were playing up against a very good team and in particular a very good forward. However, they all stuck together and kept working hard and I can’t remember one head dropping through the game. Bob made a lot of saves, mostly with his feet! (no wonder he didn’t bother with gloves!). Jack and Will Sharkey got up and down really well, getting back to defend and joining the attacks. Kian again held the middle of the park together well with some great blocking and some smart passing, and helped to give Will Pucci the space in midfield to drive forward and cause constant threats to the opponents goal. Will Pucci seemed to be involved in our attacks and was unlucky with a few shots, including a direct free kick that skimmed the post. Luke dropped deeper in the second half and got a lot more joy on the ball and showed off his strong running while Paulo tackled well in defence throughout. The score line didn’t really reflect the amount of chances we created but it was a sign of how clinical and technically skilled Sheffield Wednesday Young Owls were.

The second game was much closer in terms of score line, however despite the defeat I felt we were on top for long periods of the game. Finn and Abe were really unlucky not to get a couple each and were constant threats with their neat little interchanges, while Ed got a couple and could have got more with lots of breaking forward from midfield. Bob saved us many a time at the other end of the pitch from his wing position, as time after time he would rush back and get an important block or tackle in. Luke covered goal keeper duties and looked really comfortable, making some smart saves. I was really pleased with how often they got into the opponents final third and we will soon be rewarded with a few more goals I am sure.

Overall I was really pleased with the spirit shown – we must always show that good positive energy no matter what the score or situation in the game is. 


Sunday 18 October 2015 - Lost 1-16

Game 1 v Handsworth (a) 1-4 Ed

Game 2 v Handsworth (a) 0-12

Man of the match: Kian 

Although not at our best in game 1, I thought there was lots of excellent football played - The attackers linked up well and deserved more than the one goal we got. The goal from Ed summed up the quick, neat short passing play that we had shown throughout the game. Unfortunately we made it a little hard for ourselves where two or three times we made collective mistakes and were punished. The use of a bigger sized 4 ball won't have helped us as it's not a size ball we use (or should use) in this age group, and I think that effected some of our play going forward. Captain Bob defended brilliantly, and I'm really grateful to him for playing out of his normal wing position. I hold my hand up in that having our two left footed players in the same game made both game 1 and 2 a little out of balance, but I was keen for someone like Bob to put in the kind of performance I knew we were going to miss with Joshua Dunford being missing through injury.

Unfortunately the second game saw us well and truly played off the park - but that happens in football and sometimes when you are down everything seems to go against you. We started quite brightly but the longer the game went on we couldn't ever get out of our half, meaning Luke and Will Pucci never really saw much of the ball in dangerous areas. We huffed and puffed but just couldn't get a solid 10 minute period together without conceding or keeping the ball in the opposition half. Paulo made a fantastic penalty save and I thought Kian took great responsibility in midfield and put in a real captain material performance. I am pleased there were not many tears after the game - the boys just need to remember they have shown plenty of times this season that they are good players and it's how we can react to days like this.


Sunday 11 October 2015 - Cup final weekend 4 - Lost 10-11

Game 1 v Rawmarsh S.J (h) 4-5 Conall, Luke, Kian

Man of the match: Conall

Game 2 v Rawmarsh S.J (h) 6-6 Finn 2, Bob Ed, Kristian

Man of the match: Jack 

I know the boys (and a lot of us!!) were a little upset afterwards, which ultimately will be down to not winning; however, I am convinced they we will have learned a lot from the game and we will see the benefit long term to these little disappointments, and mustn’t take defeats too much to heart. It is a good experience to play in that kind of ‘tenser’ environment - cup finals often have that, so it is good to see how the players react to different environments and situations - something you do not get by winning games 30-0! The boys ‘game management’ will develop in time (funnily enough it is the topic of our training session on 21st October). What you are looking to see in the boys development is how their games change as the situation in the game changes. While I want us to always try to play the same attacking way, what we will look to develop in the boys is their game management – if we are winning with two minutes to go, do they naturally play tighter together, narrower, deeper maybe? Do they need telling what to do or can they work it out for themselves? If we can develop their own decision making now I promise they will become better players over the next few years.

Game 1

Game 1 was a very open, end to end game with Rawmarsh finishing stronger. Paulo in goal made a number of fine saves to keep Crosspool in the game, while captain Joshua Dunford defended brilliantly and later showed his bravery after getting injured after the game which meant a trip to the hospital – poor lad! Will Sharkey and Joshua Sutton-Sprenz got forward really well and must have run miles! Kian, who scored a great goal from distance, held the midfield well again. Man of the match Conall dribbled excellently and was behind most of the attacks, and also scored a thumping drive. Luke played like he was the biggest player on the pitch with some strong running, getting two goals and forcing the opposition goalkeeper into a few nice saves. Rejan showed his versatility by covering lots of different positions throughout the game. There were promising signs in this game, we broke forward well in good numbers but just fell short towards the end as we seem to have the habit of doing lately!

Game 2

In game 2 we took quite a big lead but conceded a few late goals to draw 6-6 but it wasn’t quite enough to win on the day. Finn, Ed and Kristian worked together really well and created lots of openings; and all finished well getting 4 goals between them. Bob got two great goals, including a diving header! Abe ran his socks off as usual, creating plenty of space down that right hand side. Ben and Jack defended valiantly against some really good forward play, and despite some neat saves from Jake we just couldn’t keep them out despite leading for most of the game. Max battled well down the left and covered lots of ground. It was a really good game and I think the boys probably deserved better, however we just couldn’t get going in the last 15 minutes, despite a lot of hard work.

Ben, Max and Jack demonstrated really good teamwork by helping out the team in various ways even if they didn’t quite get the time we would have liked for them on the pitch, while the boys (too many individuals to mention!) but most notably Luke showed great bravery and sportsmanship when on the end of some tough challenges.  And we take our supporters behaviour for granted but do deserve praise for always setting a good example. I didn’t enjoy hearing and seeing the hostility from the opposition coaches and some of the supporters towards the referee, which put a downer on what was otherwise a really good game. I do not understand how a throw in taken slightly wrong can rile up an individual so much at this level but we’ll do our best to get the boys taking them correctly to avoid any pressure put on them from the side.


Sunday 4 October 2015 - Cup weekend 3

Game 1 v Dinnington (h) 2-3 Will P, Luke

Game 2 v Wickersley (h) 3-5 Will P, Kristian, Ed

Man of the match: Abe

We blew Dinnington away in the first half, and deserved a bigger lead going into the break. Jake in goal was hardly called upon as Joshua and Kian marshalled the defensive responsibilities well, allowing Abe, Conall, Will P and Finn to get forward at every opportunity. Will P opened the scoring, while Luke scored an early second half goal to make it two. Ed and Kristian continued to dominate the midfield, with Bob and Josh SS getting forward well down the wings. With 8 minutes to go though Crosspool crumbled under sustained Dinnington pressure and conseeded 3 late goals. It was a shame because collectively the group deserved more for their efforts.

Wickersley were always going to be a strong opposition, and we went into the break just 2-1 down, after Will Pucci pulled a goal back with a sublime bit of skill and shot. Again Kristian and Ed pulled the strings in midfield and got us back to 3-3, but spent the last 10 minutes of the second half penned into our final third, and despite some great blocks from Paulo, Wickersley scored a couple late goals and deserved their victory. 


Sunday 27 Sept 2015 - Cup weekend 2

Game 1 v Dronfield (a) 3-3 Finn 2, Abe

Game 2 v Kiveton Park (a) 8-2 Finn, Abe, Will P, Luke 4, Jack

Man of the matches: Finn & Joshua SS

We started really brightly against Dronfield, with Finn and Will P setting great examples of pressing high up the pitch, forcing the opposition into defensive area mistakes. Abe and Bob got up and back brilliantly, and constantly bombarded into the box. We attacked well with numbers, and were really helped by Kian who played very cleverly holding things together in the middle of the park. Josh Dunford and Paulo kept their positioning really well, and communicated well together. The second half was really tough for the boys, but they dug in deep and threw their bodies on the line for the team. They spent most of the half having to defend and kept going and going but Dronfield deserved their equaliser and we did well to hang on for the draw.

In the second game Kiveton started well and had the best of the play, but we found ourselves 3-1 up at half time thanks to some clinical finishing by Finn, Abe and Will P. But we grew as the game went on and dominated the second half. Jake, Max and Kristian; who had a great influence on the game playing it out from the back in a deeper role; kept things tight at the back and allowed Joshua SS and Conall to get forward well and create openings for Luke, who looked dangerous every time he went forward and deserved his 4 goals. Jack left off from where he did at training on Wednesday working hard and was rewarded when he scored a tap in at the back post after good work from Kristian and Luke.


Sunday 20 Sept 2015 - Cup weekend 1

Game 1 v Handsworth (a) 2-3 Luke, Finn

Game 2 v Brunsmeer (a) 1-1 Will S

Man of the match: Jake

Handsworth were a very tidy team and we struggled to keep possession of the ball, but did well to level through Luke and Finn’s neat finishing but conceded late into the game.

We improved in the second game and got more numbers forward with Abe and Bob getting down the flanks well. Will Sharkey opened the scoring, but were thankful to Jake in goal for pulling off some great saves to keep us in the game. Paulo defended well and dominated his penalty area well when he was in goal; while Joshua Dunford also had good games in defence and in midfield. 

Overall Crosspool seemed to lack that urgency they possessed last week, and looked a little tired despite the shorter matches.


Sunday 13 Sept 2015 - Won 9-5 v Dronfield (h)

Game 1 v Dronfield (h) 2-2 Kristian, Luke

Game 2 v Dronfield (h) 7-3 Finn 4, Will P 2, Conall

Man of the match: Max

Two well matched teams fought out a couple of pulsating fixtures in the sun.

Crosspool started the better in the first game, displaying great energy and desire to get numbers forward and were rewarded with good strikes from Kristian and Luke. - It could have been more, Dronfield couldn't contain Ed, who dribbled and passed brilliantly all game. The boys kept their shape a lot better than last week, so credit to Man of the Match Max and Will Sharkey in the second half for helping out on the wide right on a day where usual right midfielders Joshua SS, Jack and Abe were all unavailable. Will Sharkey and Paulo shared goalkeeping duties for the game and both made match saving saves. Bobs bravery got the better of him every now and then as he took quite a few knocks. It was Bobs brave defensive play that summed up a totally different second half where Dronfield were a constant threat to our goal. However the away side found Paulo and Max in fine form, and when they did beat them, the rest of our players and a bit of luck got in their way. The second half determination to keep them out was great to watch, but it was also good to see the players reacting to changes in the game without much input from the coaches. Luke dropped deeper to help out his team mates when we didn't have the ball and Kristian played a little deeper and closer to Max in defence.

The second game was a little different, where great individual and team play blew the opposition away in the first 20 minutes. Finn got 4 and one of Will Pucci's double was a direct free kick- I think he enjoyed that one. Conall, who played through a bit of pain, did fantastic to keep getting forward down the left and was rewarded with a goal near the end. Jake played his most dominating performance yet, coming out to claim everything that got into the goal area. Rejan and Ben defended really well, rarely letting anyone past them, and were helped out by Kian who played with great maturity holding the midfield together and letting Joshua Dunford express himself in a good box to box display.


Sunday 6 Sept 2015 - Lost 3-8 v Wickersley (h)

Game 1 v Wickersley (h) 2-5 Kian, Conall

Game 2 v Wickersley (h) 1-3 Jack

Man of the match: Paulo

Two tough games against strong and clinical opponents. Credit to the boys for not giving up, and on another day it would have been closer if we had taken our chances and had a bit more luck keeping them out.

In the first game, Will Sharkey made some fantastic saves to keep Wickersley out early on, while we battled back in the second half with well taken goals from Kian and Conall. Josh Dunford battled well throughout, and we saw debuts from Kian, Ben, Max, Abe and Will Pucci, who unfortunately fell ill minutes into the match.

The second game saw us mostly on top, albeit a little rusty having not trained for two weeks. Paulo almost scored from the half way line, while Jack scored a great lob to give us hope of a comeback. Ed and Finn always looked a threat going forward, while Kristian held the midfield well with Joshua SS & Bob trying to create width down the flanks but credit to Wickersley who stayed strong and played some smart football, without ever really testing Jake in goal other than when they scored. 

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